LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

linkedin Cheat Sheet

Success can be achieved by keeping it simple and consistent without it consuming your day

I recommend that you assign some time to LinkedIn on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to increase your levels of success. Before you start, make sure your profile is fully up to date as complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. Only 51% of LinkedIn users have completed profiles so it’s easy to get yourself ahead of the game.

Daily Tasks

Check profile views

I use the free version of LinkedIn, so view this on a daily basis. As your numbers grow on the network you can only see who has viewed your profile for the last few hours. (so I try and do this a couple of times a day). When you see who has viewed your profile and they are potential clients, reach out to connect if you aren’t connected already and thank them for visiting your profile. You can also have a look at their profile and comment or like something that they have posted recently. #Engage

Reply to comments

The quicker you react to comments the more coverage your post will get on LinkedIn, due to the LinkedIn algorithms. Reply to any comments you’ve missed on your last post. Remember you are showing gratitude for people stopping to contribute. If you don’t appreciate them, they won’t keep coming back. Networking is a two-way street!

Reply to outstanding messages

Believe it or not, LinkedIn is now full of bots so you do not need to reply to every message in your inbox, just archive anything that isn’t interesting or relevant. As time goes on, you will realise who’s real when messaging and who has a robot set to send invites. Mark messages you need to come back to as unread so you don’t lose them. You can sort your inbox just by unread messages you still need to deal with.

Engage with ideal clients

Start commenting on content posted by people you know you could do business with. Comment sections are a great way to start to build your personal brand on LinkedIn, building trust and getting people getting to know you.

Nurture your network

To start, comment on at least five relevant or interesting posts on your main news feed from your connections. You will increase this over time as your network builds. Nurture the contacts you have already and take care of them. Growing your network and being seen in new places is important, but never forget about those you have relationships with already that can be strengthened.

Weekly Tasks

Post regularly

I try to do this 5 days a week but really only sit down to do it weekly as I use a free app called Buffer. Try to use a variety of content formats to keep things interesting for your network. I find the best time is just before 9am on weekdays.

Endorse others

Endorse people who you respect and send a thank you to anyone who endorses you.

Grow your network

This isn’t all about numbers of connections! Sort through your connection requests and accept any that seem relevant. Aim for 20-25 new connections each week. I ask myself these questions: Are they my ideal clients? Are they likely to be connected to my ideal clients? Are they posting content I’m interested in? Are they engaging with other people regularly? If I answer no to all of these, I don’t connect with them.

Clean your news feed

Unfollow accounts you see that aren’t adding something positive to your LinkedIn experience. Disconnect from anyone irrelevant when you notice their content appearing. Doing this helps to improve your news feed and lets your algorithm know what you don’t want to see – so it will show you less similar content.

Content ideas

Keep a few notes about what’s happened over the week which you think would be interesting to your connections. It can be related to clients you’ve worked with, lessons you have learned, interesting conversations, new ideas you may have had. It’s a lot easier to create content when you have some inspiration noted down!

Monthly Tasks

Delete outstanding connection requests

Remove any connection requests that have not been accepted. They’re either not regularly active, or they’re not interested in connecting. Keep the list of outstanding requests down by regularly deleting them.

Update your featured posts

Check your featured posts on your profile. Make sure they are up to date, I normally pop in my monthly blog. Any exciting events coming up? Great post about your service to feature? Just make sure that they are changed up to keep fresh.

Request and leave recommendations

If you’ve got new clients you’ve worked with, make sure you ask them for a recommendation on your profile. And don’t forget to give people recommendations, too. They’re also visible on your profile.

Follow up

Follow up on any leads you haven’t heard back from. Send a friendly message asking if there’s any other information you can send them or further assistance you can offer.

Join groups

Have a look for relevant groups that are specific to the ideal people who you are looking to sell to as they will be hanging out in these groups where you can be seen and engage. Also look to the likes of Chambers of Commerce etc.

Check your analytics

Keep an eye on what posts are getting the most views. Learn from the analytics and tailor your content going forward to attract further engagement.

Content Tips

This is an area that I am working on myself and I intend to up my own game over the coming months however:

Make it purposeful

You should be trying to make all of your content of benefit to your network. Maybe a tip? Maybe experience that you have learned from? Think of what the viewer will take away from it and the brand image that you are creating of yourself. If people take something away from your posts then they will come back for more.

Start conversations

For those that don’t like networking, maybe this is a safer zone for you. After all, LinkedIn is a networking platform and you cannot network unless you are having conversations. I recommend asking a question in your content to encourage people to comment. When you have activity on your content, the LinkedIn algorithm kicks off behind the scenes and pushes your post to more people.

Keep it simple

You don’t need to try to sound corporate on LinkedIn. Use your personality and short sentences. Let people see your personality. After all, people do buy from people. Use clear images or infographics that will draw visual people to your posts. Don’t over think it!

Final Points

  1. Don’t try to sell on the platform
  2. Aim to get conversations off the platform and into calls or emails as soon as possible
  3. Enjoy!

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