Our Services

Sales Improvement Strategy

Lockview help businesses across all sectors by working in partnership to create realistic, achievable strategic plans that deliver a competitive advantage through our business and management consultants. By reviewing current sales processes and analysing data, we identify improvements to navigate uncertainty, drive change and adapt to achieve your goals. Bringing collaborative capabilities, tools, technologies and talent to every project gives the foundation to shorten the sales cycle, reduce the cost of sale, improve conversion rates and source new markets. A business coach provides accountability to the business owners to help them make faster progress. As a result, they feel supported and motivated.


Business Leader's Bounce Board

Always start at the end before you begin…….It’s a common theme where business owners or leaders haven’t looked into the future to fully understand the direction they may take their business. It could be a new vision or fresh goals, maybe the business will be transferred to the next generation, maybe it will be sold but having a confidential, challenging and honest discussion with Lockview’s business and management consultants around options and putting a plan together allows actions to be taken now that will assist the direction taken in years to come.

Cost Reduction

We can operate across your entire supply chain or on specific verticals to benchmark and negotiate more competitive terms for your business in order to drive efficiencies. Quite often it is considered that you need to be disruptive to reduce your procurement costs but that is not necessarily the case. Understanding your supplier’s pay back model and what else exists in the marketplace, creates an advantage that allows us to secure the most competitive terms for your business, without compromising on quality or service.  

Contract Negotiation

Using our industry knowledge across multiple sectors including FMCG, Recruitment, Utilities, Facilities Management and IT, we can assist with negotiating enhanced terms on supply contracts. Using this service can gain you an advantage when your business is committing to longer term deals or regular supply of specific products or services.    


Northern Ireland Market Penetration

It’s often said that Northern Ireland is like a small village and everyone knows everyone. If you are based outside Northern Ireland but want to engage in the Northern Ireland Marketplace we can assist with making the right connections for your business to secure sales or attract partners to gain traction in a new geographical region.