5 Reasons why you should not hire a consultant!

You shoud not hire a consultant
5 Reasons why

The dynamic change and competition impacting every industry demands those with leadership responsibilities to take advantage of all of their resources, including those outside of their own operations and scope of knowledge. Engaging consultants leverages a lot of folks’ knowledge and experiences to benefit your growth! With my tongue firmly in my cheek, here’s five great reasons why not to engage a consultant.


“I can’t trust others with my secrets.”

Yes, Northern Ireland is a small place but what’s the story? Can you even trust yourself? Why can a consultant not be trustworthy and maintain confidentiality, understanding what stories can be told and what are not theirs to be told?


“I haven’t got the time to engage a consultant.”

Of course, your time is precious, we all have only 168 hours each week. No business owner has any more time than any business owner. You need to decide how best to spend yours and engaging a consultant to demonstrate how to work smarter in order to create more time for the most important things in your life. Are you working in your business OR on your business……ps……. I never said you were a busy fool.


“I need to wait until I get past this wee issue”

Anyone who thinks, “I’ll have more time after I get past this issue,” isn’t accurately predicting the future. There are always more issues to follow this current problem.

Did you have issues 24 months ago? 12 months ago? 6 months ago? Maybe the issue is that there’s always an issue?


“I can’t afford a consultant.”

It should be very clear, very quickly if value is not being created by a consultant and they will understand more than anyone that they should walk away. “Sorry, I just can’t add value here”……..


“I already have advisors.”

You have friends, trusted advisors, a spouse, and mates. They all give you advice but they always have an agenda: their love and affection for you, their desire to impress, their axe to grind. Their advice might be good, but it isn’t always free of some agenda.

Lockview Business Solutions are keen to engage with business owners to discuss how they can deliver positive outcomes through specific consultancy projects in businesses across Northern Ireland. 

We work closely with business owners and leaders to challenge and define their goals for the coming years and help deliver a strategy to achieve their vision. Acting as a Business Bounce Board to sound out, challenge and share ideas that deliver success through three main pillars of Sales Improvement, Cost Reduction and Contract Negotiation. 

By reviewing the businesses current processes, analysing data and working with the existing teams, our business and management consultants are the conduit to deliver on business growth, profitability and potentially work towards a succession plan or an exit strategy.

If you can’t see the wood for the trees and need someone independent and impartial to help you navigate problems with fresh eyes call us today on 02896 009 275, visit www.lockview.co.uk or book time with Adrian McCourt directly at this link 

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