Am I the luckiest guy you know?

Am I the luckiest guy you know?

Luckiest guy you know - Lockview Business Solutions Belfast
Am I the luckiest guy you know?

30 years ago  I had my kidney removed. I was playing football and a guy from the opposition purposely jumped into me and lodged his knee in my stomach resulting in me being rushed to hospital in an ambulance and having my kidney removed. So, am I the luckiest guy you know?

How lucky am I?

Well as it turns out I actually had a malignant tumour (cancer to you and me) about the size of your fist, engulfed in my kidney and the impact of this guy’s knee actually damaged the tumour rather than the kidney. So, the long and short of that story is if he had not of hit me, I probably would not be here today.

At 18 years of age was I unlucky to have cancer or lucky to have found it?

Over the past 30 years in business, I have had some real successes, including setting up a very successful telecommunications business but I also had it all taken from me too. (Always have a shareholder’s agreement in place when setting up a business with a friend – I will keep that story for another day though). The business was flying. I had recruited over 140 staff, we were delivering a sales plan, profits were good, I had opened offices in Scotland and England and an exit strategy was in place.

Was I lucky to have built the business or unlucky to have trusted a business partner?

Last year I started my own consultancy business in Belfast, Lockview Business Solutions, to engage with local business owners and leaders to deliver outputs based on sales improvement, cost reduction and contract negotiation. I was also lucky to stumble across HubSpot and become a partner a few months after setting up the business. Working along with these business owners and leaders to work through a strategy for their business and assist them deliver on growth and/or exit strategies. After the 1st week, a friend asked how I was getting on. I explained that I had secured a new client to help deliver on a sales strategy, unearthed some very exciting new opportunities. He replied,

“Your so lucky, if you fell in sh1t, you’d come out smelling of roses!”

It made me think, I am really lucky? Is there such a thing as luck?

My conclusion………. The harder I try the luckier I seem to get, strange that, but read into what you please. I truly believe that luck lies where hard work meets opportunity, but you must be out there, putting in the graft to find the opportunities to make the “luck” happen! If you are looking to improve your luck, I would recommend starting to look at characteristics of successful businesspeople, such as skill, mental toughness, hard work, tenacity, optimism, growth mindset, and emotional intelligence.

If you are looking to create some luck in your business, then book an appointment for a chat available via this link.


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